Studio photograph session with Paul Mounsey for my chased and repousse´ jewellery, art metal and silversmithing

I came back from a session with Paul yesterday, I am blown away with the results and could not wait to share it with you all. Especially for people who have struggled to be heard with their work alone. I feel certain that with Pauls’ input my opportunities for being better represented have just taken a seismic shift into the unlimited possibilities zone.

I am so excited to see my work looking this great in print. As I have said before I have been slow to appreciate the importance of quality images, mistakenly assuming that buyers and gallery owners would see past the groggy images, being only interested in the finished article; don’t you new makers make the same mistake. A string of rejections and soul searching could have beed lessoned if I had images such as these to start with, as feedback from the people and places you approach is not common. The inevitable result, you are left floundering as to why people don’t bother to follow up on your enquiry. The reason, you are not seen as a professional, someone who has not paid attention to detail, and will continue not to do so, not the best trading partner.

I felt, as I’m sure most of you do, I was capable of taking a photograph, how hard can it be eh!

When I entered Pauls studio I was amazed at all the specialist equipment and his attention to detail. The computer alone looked as though it could handle much of the NASSA space programme. His lighting and the props he uses to tease out the smallest detail was truly astinishing. Without thinking and with the intuitiveness most of have for driving a car, he continually made minor adjustments to the lighting. Flash and reflective surfaces being altered for every shot, his intimate understanding of his subject made this an outing rather than a chore. I love to see people who are doers rather than talkers effortlessly practicing their hard fought for, practiced craft, making it appear effortless and seamless, the way that time served people can. This was a true treat and a fantastic experience that, as soon as I make more work that needs it, I will return, no hesitation.

The chased and repousse´ surfaces now come aline, punch textures become more defined and the reflective planished surfaces are simply stunning. He managed to capture the aged patina I wanted for the copper art metal bowl. Oxidisation looks more pronounced and less fuzzy helping to clearly define the raised texture left behind after polishing. Silversmithing items like the highly reflective surface of the Britannia silver bowl are notoriously hard to photograph, check out these beauties above!

Always a good start and the sign of a thoroughly good egg, good strong tea was provided and made the proper way. Paul has a very calm manor and is totally accommodating, listening to and responding to every request and offering suggestions, treating work with respect and careful handling. I could not be more happy, and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.

Well, just look at the images for yourself, I had to be a little selective as I felt like uploading all of them! A good example if the pendant from the previous post I asked for an opinion as to the best finish. You cannot deny this now looks like a completely different piece. It is unchanged from when I photographed it with my trusty point and shoot.

I went will Paul Pennington from the jewellery workshop in Porthleven, also attending the same course as me. Sandra Austin used images made by Paul Mounsey in her final presentation. This is what blew us away and led us to seek his services. This is another example of his flexibility and his accommodating nature. This is a last minute thing to get my promotional stuff ready tomorrow for the next day. Paul excelled himself and delivered, returning my images the same day, yesterday. Can’t get better than that can you. Just wish I was nearly as organised though.

I would like to thank Julia Rai from the Cornwall school of art craft and jewellery as she respond to a FB quote I made about photographing work, introducing Paul Mounsey. Well worth a visit, Julia has been a supporter of me since I attended a forging class. Sign up and be amazed at her PMC skills, Not my thing, no hammers required see 🙂 nonetheless awesome.


7 thoughts on “Studio photograph session with Paul Mounsey for my chased and repousse´ jewellery, art metal and silversmithing

  1. I’m so glad you and Paul hooked up Stuart and the images are stunning. They really show the craftsmanship of your work and do each piece real justice. Good luck with everything you go on to do now!

    • Your work is beautifully clean and crisp. Paul really brings that out. I have followed your work, it’s great that you take the time to write, thank you very much. I look forward to perhaps bumping into you somewhere in the future. Very best wishes.

    • Thank you very much, this was a first try at chasing on a bowl. I don’t know if you have read all of the posts, just in case, if you wish to see the inspiration for this piece, please look up David Huang. Fair to say the biggest influence on my approach to this craft. A thoroughly decent and generous chap who is completely approachable and kindhearted with the courtesy to ‘say it how he sees it’. Fair to say that the only problem for me is that it is hard not to look like a crude parody of a true master. His website is comprehensive and will enable you to ‘fill in the blanks’ when looking at my ramblings. Being pretty much self taught, books, Utube and Victoria Lansfords brilliant instructional DVD, I have used the approaches of others as a gauge to how well my technique is going. Trying not to copy too much, but enough to see how my skills are progressing, using inspirational artists work as a reference.
      I feel I will need to post a full explanation in a future post as I have come to a bit of a dead end. I am now fairly happy that I am progressing, regarding my bench skills, however I very much neglected the design aspect and am now a little paralysed as to how to make these techniques my own as it were.
      It is truly fantastic that people, such as yourself, get involved and comment, my sincere thanks to you. The following is a link to David Huang’s site, I know you will be impressed and enjoy it.

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