Master metalsmiths David Huang and Hallam Ford – double treat

Wato all

No more navel gazing for a while, marketing and selling topics will be returned to in future posts. At this time work is continuing on simpler, faster to produce, therefore cheaper work to offer the market to allow me to go forward.

Back to the more interesting and far more rewarding topics of making eh 🙂

Today in my in box these two gems were delivered. Bound to say the urge to share has made me want to fire up this site right after I listened and saw each one.

Ford Hallam is a traditionally trained, in Japan, metalsmith. I urge you to take the time to see this exquisite craftsman in a beautiful short film. The soundtrack is wonderful also. Hammer engraving and inlay work are just a couple of things that will engage you. Please take the time to navigate his site. He is working on a book series that will be a priceless resource for those among us who aspire to the highest levels of technical excellence.

I’m bound to say. When presented with this rare opportunity to see a master craftsperson at work. The chasm that is the gap between ambition and aspiration appears almost insurmountable. Daunting even when presented with a mirror showing personal limited ability, knowledge and direction to achieve it. I know you will love this short film. The link to his website follows the film link

David Huang needs no introduction for those of you who have followed this blog from the start. Fair to say, somewhat of a hero of mine for more reasons than just his fantastic skill set and awe inspiring design aesthetic. I have corresponded with him in the past. A total gentleman and a very honest individual who gives you the complement of being blunt, telling you how he sees it, rather than thinking and relaying what you may wish to hear.

This is a blog talk radio broadcast. The start is a bit scrappy. Stay with it it gets going at about 1min 45seconds on, 2mins and all is tickety boo.

I hope you enjoy these two treats. A huge thank you to all who commented on the previous posts. Again, it was not about looking for praise for the work, rather a cry for help as to where to go to sell it.

Until next time. Very best wishes.

Stu 😉


4 thoughts on “Master metalsmiths David Huang and Hallam Ford – double treat

  1. Hello Stu,

    I need some advice on metal working, specifically related to annealing the work piece under development.
    Previously, the work pieces have been 18 gauge 6×6 sheet and everything was fine even with MAPP (yellow) canister from local hardware store with an off the shelf nozzle. Then I purchased an acetylene torch setup with a B tank that is refillable.. The new setup was better than the cans that were costing a fortune and work well on smaller items,
    Now here is the issue, when working on a 12×12 piece I can hardly get the item to be hot enough to properly heat up (even light pink in a dark room) so I do not believe that proper annealing is taking place.
    What type of gas and torch (nozzle and regulator) set up do you recommend for large work pieces?
    Any insight would help immensely.

    Thank you and regards,

    • Wato David

      I am about to start another post, tools and stuff. As a result of your question, I have taken photographs of my set up and a description as to the hows and whys. I hope you get something from it, please do get in touch if you require any additional information.
      Great to see your journey progressing at a pace. Fantastic craft isn’t it.

      All my very best wishes.

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