Victoria Lansford picture of the month July Repousse´ cuff




I am fortunate enough to get another mention from Victoria Lansford, picture of the month of July to go with June 2013, good oh.

Again this is a chased and repousse´ cuff that was first soldered round, then worked with punches made specially for this piece. Two recognisable models exist, other experiments to refine tools and technique are long since in the re cycling.

After the New Designers show I am fast appreciating, with advice from industry people and other outlets, that I’m basically kicking a dead horse sticking to this sort of work if I wish to support myself.

I intend to still make new ones from time to time, however it would appear that more demand exists for working in larger forms, such as sculptural pieces and vessels. Advice leads me to give jewelley less of a priority for the future, concentrating more on larger scale work.

As ever I will share the journey. Till next time, all my very best wishes.

Stu Art


5 thoughts on “Victoria Lansford picture of the month July Repousse´ cuff

  1. Hi Stuart
    Great news that the images are working for you.
    Interesting comments from people you met at New Designers as my favourite piece from your photo shoot was the silver vessel. Apart from showing a high level of skill it just seemed that bit more ‘accessible’ than the other pieces and definitely had that initial wow factor.

    • Very many thanks Paul, the July picture was given as a direct result of your pictures, if you notice the June ones have been changed from my scabby attempts to your awesome images. Thank you for the feedback, it would appear that I have been barking up the wrong tree for the best part of two years. I guess the good news is there are many more to choose from eh:) I will be in touch when I am able to work out what to make next. Best wishes.

  2. As usual, you have beautiful pieces. I have a question on the bangle, what joint did you use? on rings and bands I always find that the butt joint tends to be the most aggravating part of the whole process, any advice?

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