A few pieces made for friends

End of the year and very aware I have been remiss in keeping the posts going.

With the new Jewellery Making Cornwall studio it is hoped that much more content can be added in 2016. Working the 2015 season in my friends shop, enabling others to realise their designs has been a fantastic experience. One I would heartily recommend to anyone who wishes to explore the limits of their knowledge. Expanding the possibilities and taking you’re learning to a level, most likely not achievable working on your own.

Just for the want of giving you something that I made, as opposed to working for others. These are a few commissions from friends.

Looking forward to the new year, bound to say, a bit apprehensive and nervous. The amount to work, money and responsibility needed to start a studio is surprising to me. Fair to say, been caught out a little along the way, more to come for sure.

A very happy Christmas and a magical making new year to everyone who continues to read my ramblings.

All my very best wishes.

Stu Art



The logo for the earth station. Google it, amazing place. Made these cufflinks for a very good friend as a present for her son.





Traced the logo onto a sterling sheet. Fretted it out then sweat soldered it to the backplate. My small repousse chasing planishing punch made the background texture. The thinking was, along with the patination, make it look more ‘lunar’ like.


DSCF3672 Smashing lady this was for. A great make it up as you go along job this was. This shape was chosen, bonus is it also could pass for a kennel, framing the dog paw.


Monster heavy necklace, I had to persuade the chap to go this ‘light’. He wanted thicker gauge!!!! Dates of children’s birthdays was done at Goldsmiths by laser engraving. The links were all forged to fit his pattern, well, almost but not quite nearly eh

DSCF3627 DSCF3631


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