Victoria Lansford picture of the month June 2013

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Yesterday I completed the end of my BA in Jewellery and Silversmithing, I am minded of the old saying, one door closes and another opens.

As negative as this experience was it has been eclipsed by this fantastic honour to be picture of the month on Victoria Lansfords blog accessed through her excellent, informative website.

For those of you who have followed my blog from day one will perhaps remember my introduction to her signature chasing tools. As my earliest ‘instructor’ its fair for me to say I would not have achieved any of the Eastern Repousse that you have seen so far. I also include the David Huang inspired bowl, I know she does not make this sort of thing, however the skills I learnt are completely transferable.

I want to take the opportunity sincerely thank her for such generous recognition and to give you all the reminder to visit her site again, to look at her fantastic work and learning resources that led me down the chasing and repousse path to start with.

This act of recognition that I have experienced here is akin to having the master recognise and praise the apprentice. This is a life changing moment for me and one that I will continually remind myself of when the black dog comes calling, as it does when I’m at my lowest ebb.

Many times not able to see any wood for trees, I try to remind myself that balance is to be aimed for. Just as my lows are very low, this is a fantastic, timely, very welcome and awesome high that will, I feel sure, help me to redress to a kinder perspective in future. Thank you so very much Victoria.

I will continue to post the, now completed, Britannia silver bowl raising process in another post to follow.

All I have to do now is start to make a living!!!!!

Until next time, all my very best wishes.

Stu Art


2 thoughts on “Victoria Lansford picture of the month June 2013

  1. Congrats on your graduation and “entering” of the real metals’ world! Trust me, you’ll find relief without having the ‘pending critique’ hanging over your head every week. And congrats to you on the mention on Victoria’s blog! That’s great!

    • Great to be here, thank you very much for your kindness. College, for me, was more about the personal aesthetic and ambitions of tutors, rather than the facilitation of my potential. I felt like I had a job to fulfil, rather than learn. Their job being to ‘educate’ rather than facilitate. This was more like working for a boss who was doing all they could to constructively dismiss me at every given opportunity.
      The recognition from Victoria could not have come at a better time, fair to say this means more to me than an endorsement from a system that couldn’t care less. Not even having the courtesy to consider me as an individual or my chosen path as relevant or worthy of consideration, or even an explanation for their indifference.
      Rant over, sorry to go on, it’s just very difficult to stomach that three years ‘teaching’ (95+% self taut) culminating in a final presentation that was hardly listened to, disrespectfully dismissed and being made to look and feel like the class clown is something that will take time to put behind me.
      Comments from people such as yourself are so very welcome when you question your own directions and constantly are confused by others motifs. Not courting, though receiving treatment that seems purpose sent to discourage and prevent me from going forward.
      Great to see your repousse as well, more copper repousse bowls from me soon. Very best wishes.
      Stuie 🙂

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